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Founded in 1980, we have been specializing in the field of RF Connectors over 25 years. Since 1995 we have exported our connectors directly overseas. E-CHENS are engaged in the design, manufacture, and distribution of coaxial connectors used in radio communication applications, monitors, test instruments, DVR and antenna devices. Our coaxial products are distributed through approximately domestic and international distributors. In addition to its extensive line of standard coaxial products, RF Connectors brings to the market subminiature connectors including SMA, FME, BNC, F, N, TNC, UHF, RCA, TWINAX and computer; Semi-rigid and Flexible cable connectors; in-series and between-series adapters, many with hard-to-find interfaces; cellular connectors; and a series of connectors for large diameter, low-loss cables and corrugated cable applications.

Through its Divisions, E-CHENS are able to serve a mass market, addressing the design, manufacture and/or sale of communications equipment.

With our own factory in Taiwan, the advance technology, professional personal, strict quality control procedure and modem integrated production facilities. Our honor is based on mutual trust depend on these achievement and progress to provide the most competitive prices, fast delivery to customers. We have been enjoying substantial growing sales in the domestics and overseas markets. Qualities guarantee and providing lowest price are our highest goal. The best part is we follow the buyers’ special order to produce the most unique ones.

You are always welcome to give us further suggestions/feedbacks, so that we can make our company become better and better. We are looking forward to more business opportunities in the near future.

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